1. Private lessons are 30 or 45 minutes and given on a weekly basis.
  2. A one hour group lesson (3-4 students) is given periodically throughout the contract term for school students.
  3. Monday and Friday are typically reserved for make-up lessons.

  1. Lessons are based on a contract term of 28-30 weeks, over the school calendar year and paid 4 times per year.  (See TUITION at the end of this section.)
  2. Enrollment is considered for the entire 28-30 week period. No trial periods or short-term enrollments are permitted.
  3. No refunds will be given for students who fail to attend their 28-30 weeks of lessons. It will be the responsibility of the student and parent to schedule needed make-up lessons throughout the contract term.
  4. Additional fees will be billed, as needed, for each student to cover recital fees, music, recordings and other related expenses.
  5. The lesson term and tuition may be adjusted for students who start lessons mid-year


Adult students schedule individual lessons and pay at their lesson.  

  1. 2 make-up lessons are granted during the contract term for students giving the required 48 hour notice.  All cancellations must be made by the parent.
  2. The teacher will make up all lessons missed on her behalf.
  3. During inclement weather, lessons will be done virtually.  Students have the option of using Zoom, FaceTime or Google Duo for their lesson.  Requests for virtual lessons need to be made as soon as possible the day of the lesson so that the instructor can have the proper technology set up prior to the start of the lesson.
All absences accrued September – April, must be made up by May 1st.

  1. Parents are welcome to observe the voice lessons. This decision is up to the individual student. Some students find it very inhibiting to have their parent observe their lesson.
  2. An all studio recital is scheduled once a year or more depending on student availability. Students are highly encouraged, but not required, to participate.
  3. Field trips are attempted to be scheduled during the year. Tickets for these events are billed on an individual basis.  In most cases, parents will also be able to attend these events along with their student.  


PRACTICING and SINGING are two very different activities. Practice is difficult, sometimes frustrating, frequently repetitious, and not always pleasant to hear. Students – and parents—need to know the difference between the two activities; SINGING is often the reward for diligent practice!

PARENTS are an essential element in successful practice. They are encouraged to take an active interest in practice, be available when asked for help, to listen, to be sympathetic and to lavish praise when it is deserved.

  • Each student is encouraged to practice at home DAILY, according to the guidelines set for each level of advancement. This is the most important factor in a student’s progress and essential if the student is to enjoy making music.
  • Each student should establish a practice schedule, most suitable to and compatible with home and school schedules. Parents are encouraged to help students set – and adhere to – this important practice time.
  • Emphasis is placed on individual progress and development rather than the number of minutes practiced; however, guidelines for each level will be established.
  • Students will take an active part in planning the week’s practice assignment based on suggestions from the teacher.

Spaces Available

Lesson spaces may still be available for new students.  Click on the CONTACT tab above to complete a lesson inquiry.  You will then be contacted regarding available times and days.  Thank you for your interest in my studio for yourself or your voice student.

Studio Location

The voice studio is located at 2518 Cedar Ave., White Bear Lake, MN 55110.


COVID-19 Statement

For the safety and well-being of students and the instructor, all lessons will be given virtually until conditions can be guaranteed safe for all.  Thank you as we work through this together.